Fun, Affordable Employee Training at Your Location

PowerPoint presentations use animations and sound effects to keep audience engaged

  • All classes/seminars are 90 minutes or less

  • Conducted on site at your business

  • Customized to your business requirements

Class Descriptions:

Sharp as a Tack Memory... for Life:  This is a 90 minute lecture that explains how our memory systems work, the key brain areas involved, and techniques for improving memory and learning.   Topics include: Laying Down a New Memory, Processes that Effect Our Ability to Learn and Retain Information,  Causes of Memory Failure, Latest Research on Attention and Working Memory, and Strategies to Stay Mentally Sharp for Life.

7 Steps to a Healthier You: World class athletes are able to achieve extraordinary feats and continue to break records because of their daily practice of mental training.  The core theme of this lecture describes how we can incorporate mental routines of champions into our daily habits to achieve optimal health. Topics include: Cultivate Mental and Emotional Agility, What Separates Good Athletes from Great Athletes?, Current Research on Mind/Body Connection, Strategies to Rebalance and Restore Wellbeing, 7 Steps to Optimal Health.

Happiness as a Practice:  People who have daily practices that increase their ratio of positive emotions are more likely to: live longer lives, have healthier bodies, have stronger relationships, and are more forgiving. Learn how you can increase your level of happiness. Topics include: Different Definitions of Happiness, Science of Happiness Research, How Positive Emotions Effect Every Cell in Your Body, Building Happiness Habits into Your Lifestyle.

Self-Mastery, Program Your Mind for Success: Understand your internal programming that shapes your unique model of the world. Learn how we condition our brains to hold on to negative patterns. Recognize some of your own behavior patterns. Become aware of your beliefs and values and learn what motivates you to do things move outside of your comfort zone.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep:  Learn why sleep is necessary for mental and physical health.  Recognize the most common inhibitors to healthy sleep. Learn how to develop healthy sleep habits. Topics include: Sleep Physiology and Healthy Adult Sleep, Signs of Sleep Deprivation, Sleep, Memory, and Emotions, Powerful Habits for Optimal Sleep.

If Your Cells Could Talk, Biological vs Chronological Aging:  Chronological age is the number of years you have lived and biological age is a measure of your body's fitness...the age of your body's systems. If you've been to a class reunion you probably noticed a difference in how your peers are aging compared to you. Science tells us that 70% of our fitness age is due to lifestyle. In this presentation we wil examine the process of aging from a different perspetive, inside-out.  Topics include: Life Cycle of a Cell, Factors that Affect the Health and Longevity of our Cells, Latest Research on Longevity and Aging, Is it Possible to Turn Back the Clock?, Daily Habits that Have Proven to Lower the Risk of Disease and Aid the Body in Healing.